For decades in the Fluffleverse, the BonBunnies were tortured, held in full body restraints, and used for cosmetic experiments at the hands of the Victoria’s Gossip corporation. An uprising occurred when 5,555 BonBunnies fought for their freedom and regained autonomy over their minds and bodies. They now need you to help sponsor their journey to empowerment and end BonBunny testing once and for all!


Some believe they are faithful Halloween lovers, but little do they know this is what the torture did to them.


These BonBunnies might be damaged, but due to their wit and brains they're always the first to reach the $CARAT.


Dedicated to always looking sexy, funky and cute, they lured themselves out of the factory and into our hearts.


The sporty BonBunnies ran their whole lives generating the factory’s light, and now they're ready to run their own.


Prolonged exposure to chemical substances granted them their unique features, making them truly one of a kind.

Coming Soon

The BonBunnies are a series of 5,555 NFT bunnies designed by tattoo artist Sujetka. Each BonBunny is algorithmically generated from over 200 unique characteristics including: roles, hair, eyes, clothing and tattoos.

The BonBunnies are already hopping around in the fluffleverse ready for adoption. More details coming soon.

Each BonBunny will be priced at 0.05 ETH (make sure to have an extra ~.05 ETH in your wallet for transaction (GAS) fees).

Buy Ethereum from an exchange (FTX, Coinbase, Binance) and set up a Metamask wallet. Send your Ethereum to your metamask/coinbase wallet and release your BonBunny by hitting that mint button. One week before release we will host a live stream to walk you through the process.

BonBunnies is a mission-driven NFT collection designed to promote transparency in Web3 and make the space more accessible for communities of all backgrounds.

Look out for:

- Weekly AMAs with underrepresented founders

- Weekly educational newsletters and cannons that synthesize what web3 is all about

- A blockchain based game built by @kush.wav

- An VentureDAO for capital inflows to different projects built by leaders in web3

Yes. Stay Tuned...

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